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Matt James

Matt James

Specialising in:

Video Production


+447974 365 287

Matt was born and raised in Bristol, but doesn’t really like cider. He studied at the University of South Wales, Newport and graduated in Film & Video, before moving to live with his girlfriend in Blaina, Blaenau Gwent. He started Hammerspace video with his business partner in March 2016.

Matt enjoys weight lifting, and has ambitions to compete at an amateur level. He also has the world record for the fastest karate chop in Abertillery (…not really).

Matt had a background in fiction film-making before transitioning to promotional content, and is still always working on short fiction films. This work gives Hammerspace Video’s projects a strong focus on storytelling.

About Hammerspace

I get bored easily. And I get distracted even faster than that. And everyone else is the same.

When you’re watching a video, especially online, you’re making a choice about a time investment. With thoughts like “How long is this?”, “Do I really care?” and “Can I be bothered?” running through your mind.

The best videos will make that choice easy, by taking it away. How do they do that? By delivering content that’s eye catching and immediately engaging, so you get pulled in by its visuals and story. Short, focused content, that delivers a message in an interesting way. That’s all anyone really wants from a video. It saves you from reading an article, a review, or really putting in any effort at all.

In short, good video content makes it easier for your clients and customers to engage with you.

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